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WooCommerce Module

WooCommerce Module

WooCommerce module is a simple module which will help you with synchronizing products, stocks & orders. With this module, you open an online shop from your POS software in minutes and stop worrying about adding Products in multiple software, updating stocks, Orders & much more.

What is WooCommerce?

1. WooCommerce is an eCommerce or Web Shop plugins for WordPress

2. It is the most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business.

3. The advantage of using WooCommerce is – You can get LOTS of plugins are available which can help you setup different functionality as per your need. Also, lots of payment gateways, shipping gateways are present to help you easily setup payments

4. WooCommerce is now the most popular eCommerce platform on the web (stats from BuiltWith), so you can rest assured you’re in good company.

Open online WooCommerce shop in minutes & keep it in sync with your POS application. 

- No need to manually update products in multiple application (POS & Online Shop)

- No need to manually update stocks.

- No need to manually update orders from WooCommerce to POS.

- No need to manually add/update categories in POS & Online shop.

Control all of this from one single application.

Features in POS to WooCommerce module:

- Synchronization: 

   - Sync categories from POS to WooCommerce.

   - Sync Products from POS to WooCommerce.

      - Single Products

      - Variable Products & its variations.

   - Sync Orders from WooCommerce to POS.

   - Map taxes between POS & WooCommerce

- API Settings: Setting to provide WooCommerce API details.

- Configurable Product Sync Option.

   - Configure the “Selling Price Group” for WooCommerce shop.

   - Configure the fields to sync while creating new product & updating products in woocommerce.

   - Configure the Products price including or excluding tax.

- Sync Log

   - Details sync log.

More updates coming soon…

Synchronization of Products (POS to your WooCommerce Store):

The very first problem of products & inventories gets solved the moment you use the addon.

- Enter your products details once, that is only in your POS software.

- Click on Synchronize Products button & it’s done. All products information gets send to your WooCommerce store.

- Products Name, Price, Inventory, Categories, tax information, and other details get added to your WooCommerce shop.

- You can also set different prices for your WooCommerce customer. Give them a special price.

Synchronization of Order (WooCommerce store to POS):

The second problem of managing orders & keeping your accounts sorted gets solved here.

- With a click of button sync order from your online customer to POS.

- No matter what – Inventories automatically get adjusted.

- Customer information automatically gets synced & orders get into the customer account.

- Special Tag to highlight the WooCommerce Order.

Synchronization of Categories (POS to Woo)

- Categories also get synced.

- Products are added to the category thet belong to in POS.

- This ensures you don’t have to re-add categories in WooCommerce.

- The category helps customers to better filter products.

Mapping of Taxes

Taxes are important, we have ensured it goes right here as well.

- Map tax from POS to Woo.

- Products will have tax applied to it as per POS.

Sync Logs

Logs are important. This gives you a very useful layman’s view of synchorization happening.

- All synchronization details are logged

- Details like

     - When last synced?

     - Who synced?

     - What all get synced?

     - Error or Suggestions if any.

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